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Innovation and style

Wilier Triestina is an iconic Italian bicycle brand founded in 1906, renowned for its elegant design and exceptional craftsmanship. Wilier bicycles stand out for their performance and versatility, catering to both professional cyclists and passionate enthusiasts. Technological innovation lies at the core of the brand's philosophy, with lightweight and rigid frames that offer excellent responsiveness. The World Tour Astana Qazaqstan team has been supported by Wilier Triestina since 2019. Wilier bikes are meticulously crafted in Italy, with a keen attention to detail and artisanal expertise. Whether it's racing, endurance, or gravel biking, at Cyclovia we are here to guide you in choosing the perfect bicycle tailored to your needs.

Titanium Ultra-cycling

Titanium bicycles

Since 2009, Chiru has been conceptualizing, designing, and manufacturing titanium frames and high-end components for demanding ultra-endurance cyclists and athletes. In ultra-cycling, beyond lightness, comfort is crucial to enhance performance: when properly positioned, benefiting from optimal reduction of vibrations and shocks, your body fatigues less, allowing you to pedal further. Whether you're embarking on a 200km or a 2000km journey, your bicycle should enable you to push your limits. Chiru pays extreme attention to everything that can help you maximize your efficiency and make the most of the energy you exert. The exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous engineering of Chiru frames will allow you to cover thousands of kilometers for many years. Moreover, most frames in the Chiru range offer extensive customization: depending on your cycling style, you can tailor your assembly choices and discover new sensations.

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Makers of legends


For 70 years, Colnago has been building legendary bicycles. From Monuments to Grand Tours, Colnago bikes keep winning. Legend, elegance, technology and timeless charm. Owning a Colnago is a pride that is passed down through the generations. One objective for the brand: aim for the best in everything they do. The bold, triumphant spirit of our champions inspires to create the most successful and trailblazing experiences. Within the UAE Emirates World Tour team, Tadej Pogačar is the second rider after Eddy Merckx to win the Tour de France on a bicycle manufactured by Colnago. Whether you're conquering the roads or exploring the trails, carve your own path with the unmatched quality and style of Colnago. Your adventure begins here, with a Colnago bike that doesn't just ride but also tells a story.

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Ordering and customization options available. For more information, please contact us.

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