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Shimano Service Center

Innovation in the world of cycling continues to evolve. Just look at the rapid advancement of electronic gear shifting on road and mountain bikes, and the emergence of components specific to gravel riding. Proper maintenance is essential for peak athletic performance. As a Shimano Service Center, Cyclovia specializes in service and repair. Our staff are well-versed in the latest technologies and trends, providing your MTB, road bike, cyclocross, or gravel bike with the professional attention you seek.


World-class Bike Service
There's no technology our staff hasn't heard of. How do we ensure this? Our workshop mechanics and store employees regularly undergo training courses, both online and on-site. This ongoing training is a prerequisite for being a Shimano Service Center, a requirement we're happy to meet. Because only with qualified personnel can we offer the excellent service you expect from a certified Shimano Service Center. Shimano conducts regular checks to ensure quality.

Reliable Quality
You can rest assured your bike will be in perfect condition after service at Cyclovia. Not only because of our knowledge of the most innovative techniques, but also because we use genuine Shimano parts, of which we maintain sufficient stock. This ensures smooth and reliable bike operation. In the unlikely event of an issue before, during, or after a ride, we'll swiftly and appropriately address it in our professional workshop, equipped with state-of-the-art tools. Trust our expertise and fully enjoy your bike.

Whether you use your bike for sports, commuting, or leisure, reliable bike service is essential for continued enjoyment. Regular maintenance by professionals ensures a longer lifespan for your bike and increased riding pleasure while also preventing unexpected and avoidable costs.

Why Choose a Shimano Service Center?
At a Shimano Service Center, you can expect excellent service from those who know your bike best. You don't have to worry about quality, reliability, knowledge, or safety here. We strive to make taking care of your bike as easy as possible. You can ask us anything. We're happy to assist and advise you. We're also proud to showcase our expertise in what we do for you—every time.

We provide excellent bike service:
• Operated by trained and certified Shimano personnel
• Use of genuine parts
• Application of the latest Shimano technologies

Visit the Shimano Service Center website and discover how to get the most out of your bike.

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